Sworn translation of all types of documents

Marta López Pérez was appointed as an Arabic sworn translator-interpreter by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2012. This appointment authorises the bearer to perform sworn translations and interpretations into and out of Spanish in Spain and certify the accuracy of their work with their signature and stamp.

What type of documents usually require a sworn translation?

The most popular are:
  • University titles
  • Academic transcripts
  • Academic records
  • Family registration books
  • Birth certificates
  • Identity documents or passport
  • Criminal records
  • Marriage certificates
  • Certificates testifying a person is still alive and their civil status
  • Powers of attorney
  • Contracts
  • Articles of Association
  • Bank statements

Due dates and delivery

A sworn translation requires at least 24 hours to be completed, and depending on the form of delivery you choose, it might take anywhere from 24 hours (courier service) to 3 days (registered post) for a duly stamped and signed document to be delivered to your door.


We also offer legal, scientific, technical, literary and many other types of texts both to and from any language.

All our translations go through two phases, first a translation phase and then, a proofreading and correction phase. Proofreading and correction tasks are always carried out by native linguists of the target language, that is, the language into which the document is being translated.

This work system and, the extensive and continued training and experience of our translators and collaborators ensure the highest standards capable of satisfying all of your needs.