My name is Marta López Pérez, a sworn translator of Arabic and a graduate in Translation and Interpretation from the University of Granada. I have over eight years of experience in professional and sworn translation, and I have lived, studied and worked in nine cities in six countries including Spain, France, Portugal, the United States, Tunisia and Ireland.

My professional and life experience is complemented by my extensive and diverse professional experience as an entrepreneur and consultant for the United Nations since 2013.

After being appointed as a sworn translator of Arabic by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation in 2012, I set up Nur Traducciones in Málaga. Amid a global pandemic, with a long professional career, over 7,000 projects delivered on time and a client portfolio based on trust and commitment, we decided to rebrand and reinvent ourselves by embarking on a project that has been in the making for years: Made in Translation.

The idea is to internationalise our services and capture a different reality from the one we experienced when we started as freelancers without losing the essence that characterises us and for which our clients continue to choose us day after day.

Rosa María Martin Robles, a project manager and translator at Made in Translation, was appointed French sworn translator/interpreter by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2012.

For any other language, we have an extensive network of specialised, native and reliable translators with whom we have been collaborating for years and can guarantee the quality of their translations.

When we embarked on our adventure, our services were focused on sworn translation from Arabic, in which I specialise. However, nowadays, we have an extensive network of collaborators to serve our clients in all their language needs.